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It's feeding time at the Zoo and you could be the main course!

Raven Aldritch, mysterious and beautiful, runs the Aldritch Research Centre and Zoo for her father, a powerful mage. He enjoys turning dangerous creatures into terrifying monstrosities.


But daddy is away and the magical shields that hold the creatures in their enclosures have failed. These monsters are rampaging through the research centre endangering the lives of the innocent workers. Raven desperately needs help to regain control, and she’s willing to pay the right group of adventurers handsomely. Will you come to her rescue?


An adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Fifth edition compatible. A one-shot for a party of Level 3 adventurers.



Review by Dungeon Solvers:


"... one of the most fun monster hunting adventures in D&D 5e I’ve ever played ... The module is completely free which is amazing considering how much effort has gone into creating such a unique, engaging, and well-balanced module ... There are puzzles, unique encounters, secrets, role-playing opportunities, and a fun and interesting story all in this one-shot. Basically, everything you could possibly want."


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