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Fifth edition compatible.
A campaign for characters of Levels 1-5.
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Black Hand Rising

The battle for Hilt Island!

After forty years of peace, the Edrassan Kingdom has invaded the Temple Empire. Hilt Island is the strategic key to the war, and the Edrassans  have beseiged both the capital Chronlan and the island’s Ember diamond mines. The Templites must buy time for reinforcements to arrive.  


The Temple Empire recruits the party to raid and disrupt the Edrassan supply lines. Disguised as the Black Hand, they must attack the Edrassan rear areas, forcing the enemy to divert troops from the front lines to hunt them down. If ordinary Edrassan soldiers fail to catch or kill them, the party will find themselves facing Captain Thurn, the Butcher of Wolflow, or even the infamous Agent Stretch of the Edrassan secret police.  


Between raids and deadly encounters, the party will have many exciting adventures, including uncovering how the Edrassans knew so much about  Hilt Island’s defences. Could they have received help from inside the Templite government?  


Once sufficient damage has been caused, the party will receive new orders to rescue the alchemist Efflam Striker, who is vital to the war effort. They must escort him to Chronlan, which is still under siege by the Edrassans, and the party will have to find a way through the siege lines in order to smuggle Striker into the city.  


By completing many vital quests, the party will help turn the tide of the war. A chance to end the conflict comes when the party identifies the Templite government traitor. They must lead a force to the traitor’s mountain retreat, break-in and defeat this powerful mage to save Hilt Island from the Edrassan invaders. 


Praise for Beastmaster's Daughter:

"... one of the most fun monster hunting adventures in D&D 5e I’ve ever played ... a unique, engaging, and well-balanced module ... everything you could possibly want."

Dungeon Solvers

  • 155 colour pages.

  • Includes JPG maps for your favourite virtual tabletop software.

  • A campaign for characters of levels 1-5.

  • Fifth edition compatible.

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