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Download Table of Contents (1MB)

  • 2WD and 4WD Buggy (1/10).

  • Short Course Trucks and Stadium Trucks (1/10).

  • 1/8 scale eBuggy and eTruggy.

  • Covers all motors and speeds from 21.5T to the fastest Modified motors.

Off-road RC Racer's Guide

330 page Book and eBook

A complete guide to to electric radio control Off-road vehicles (1/10 scale Stock/Modified and 1/8 scale). It contains everything you need to know from basic how-to guides to advanced techniques used by world champions. Everything you need to drive faster is in this book.

Driving faster is a process:

  • Determine the fastest racing lines around a particular track - we show you how

  • Changing the setup of your car so it is easy to drive those lines quickly - comprehensive advice

  • Practising driving those lines - most effective use of practice time


We provide you with the information you need to fast track your success, whether racing or bashing. Whether you're a beginner, club racer or pro driver. This essential addition to your pit space is packed full of information which will give you the edge, in an easy to read format with examples:

  • Step-by-step guides

  • Advice for every setup option

  • Checklists

  • Troubleshooting

  • Case studies

  • Quick reference material

  • Pro tips from IFMAR world champions

With Pro Tips from IFMAR World Champions
Bruno Coelho
  • 2 x 4WD IFMAR World Champion

  • Touring Car IFMAR World Champion

  • 4WD European Champion.

  • 1/8 European Champion

  • European Nitro Touring Champion

Billy Easton
  • 2WD IFMAR World Champion 

  • 2WD Palmetto Classic winner

  • 1/8 IFMAR World Championship A-finalist

  • 1/8 Silver State Champion

  • 1/8 Force Spring Series winner

  • 3 x ROAR 1/10 Gas Truck National Champion (back-to-back)

'Over the years, I have created a series of “Tech Talks” designed to go through the basics of vehicle dynamics, demystify the way to go about driving, and how and why to change setup with less guesswork.'

Many of these Tech Talks have been updated and included in this book

  • ​4WD Australian Champion

  • 2WD Australian Champion

  • 29 x State Champion

  • Top 30 at the Worlds

  • Reedy Race of Champions A-main Finalist

  • 4 x Keilor Invitational Winner

Ray Munday
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96 pages of advice for every car setting from A-Z; what they do, how they work, effects and advice

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35 pages of advice on how to drive faster. Includes setup theory, fast driving tutorial, and how to apply this theory to any track.

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4 track.jpg
10 case studies.jpg

70 pages of case studies for clay, packed dirt, dirt, astroturf and carpet. Describes actual race meetings, and how skilled drivers approached their setup, what changes they made and the results

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10 carpet.jpg
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19 pages of quick reference checklists.


Covers all of the common problems and situations you might encounter. Car is spinning out? Wanders on the straight? Doesn’t have enough steering? Hard landings? Won’t jump far enough? Flips over?


We’ve got you covered.



  • 17 pages on every aspect of jumping including how to optimise your jumps for fast lap times.

  • 28 pages on tyres; track surface terminology, tyre selection criteria with examples, tyre guide, gluing, inserts, direction, additive, warmers, balancing and more.

  • How to fix a Tweaked car.

  • Beginner's guide.

  • Detailed Glossary of terms.

... and much much more!

“The detail is better than anything I have seen, described in a way that makes sense, with things I can try in my driving. Any racer that wants to be competitive should read this book.” Guns RC

Available Now!

Order the book today and get the eBook for only US$9.95 so that you can start improving your lap times immediately!

Web Photo Credits: Billy Easton and Infield Media

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